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I traded this with a guy for my ’97 Tacoma shortly after moving to Texas, not knowing my situation was going to change as soon as it did. I then ended up missing my Tacoma shorty thereafter. I ended up getting an FJ Cruiser not long after, and sold the GTI.

I originally bought the GTI for $11k, and put almost $3k into getting it fixed up into perfect mechanical condition. A lot of it was due to 75K maintenance, and poorly done modifications. There were a few minor cosmetic blemishes, but you'll find that on any 6 year old car. It had approximately 85k miles.

Overall, it's a good, fast, fun, reliable and safe car. All original VW parts, and VW dealer repairs, to the extent that VW dealer was willing to certify it to sell me a third party extended warranty.


  • 6 disk changer
  • Original tape deck
  • Leather interior
  • Power everything including the sunroof and heated side mirrors.
  • Heated seats are mechanical.
  • Also has an aftermarket front strut bar
  • 17” wheels
  • Dark tint on the windows (legal in Texas).

I was also told when I bought it that the clutch had been replaced by a VW dealer at about 62K miles, and it still felt strong. The biggest blemish was probably the auto dimming rear view mirror that had a few minor problems, but with the tint I didn’t really need it anyway.

KBB said at the time that this car would retail for around $12K, and the 2.8L VR6 engines and GLX trim are rare.


I ended up selling it for about $9000, a little over a year after I bought it.

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