Using Control-M to Run NetBackup Jobs

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When you create a new policy in NetBackup that requires regular scheduling, don't use the built in NetBackup scheduling, but instead use a enterprise wide scheduling tool such as "Control-M". This will enable your Tier 1 Operations team to easily monitor backups for failures without having in-depth knowledge of NetBackup. For this to work with NetBackup you must do the following:

  1. Create the links to the “cm-wrapper.ksh” script that control-m will use to run the job.
    “cd /XXXXX/bin/”
    1. Create four new lines similar to this (you can copy and paste the previous three lines and modify as needed):
      ln -s ../../../bin/ nb.LOC#D_Policy_Name.Schedule
      ln -s ../../../bin/ nb.[POLICY_NAME].Schedule
      ln -s ../../../bin/ nb.[POLICY_NAME].[Schedule]
    2. Run:
      sh ./
    3. vi
      Comment out the first three new lines you just created.
  2. Create the spreadsheet to submit to the scheduling team as an attachment to a ticket
    1. Add necessary lines to the “work-in-progress (WIP) Jobs” tab.
      1. Also, look at the “Completed Job Requests” tab to see examples.
      2. Check Control-m (login to Citrix) to see existing Table/Group’s that the policy can be added to for consistency in scheduling.
        Do not use an existing Table/Group if it does not conform to our current standards.
      3. Be very careful to make sure everything matches exactly as it should (UNIX is case sensitive).
    2. Once filled out as needed, save the current spread sheet then copy the “WIP” tab to a new spreadsheet:
      1. right click on the “work-in-progress (WIP) Jobs” tab
      2. select “Move or Copy”
      3. select “(new book)” from the pull down menu
      4. click on the box to “Create a copy”
      5. click “OK”.
    3. Save the new book to your Desktop or another place where you can easily attach via a web-form.
  3. Create the ticket and send it to the scheduling team.
    1. Use the ticket template:
      1. “Advanced New Case”
      2. Click on down arrow next to Summary
      3. Select “USA -> Scheduling Job Request”
    2. Fill out template accordingly, noting that they need to see the attached spreadsheet.
    3. Attach the spreadsheet created in the previous steps (step 2).
    4. Copy and past the following link into the "URL Link" field (found on the attachments tab).
    5. Submit the ticket.
  4. Put a few appointments on your calendar, over the next month, to remind yourself to verify that the jobs are being run at the appropriate times.

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