Understanding NetBackup Storage Lifecycle Policies

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http://www.veritas.com/docs/000014426 -Changes to LIFECYCLE_PARAMETERS file in NetBackup 7.5



Also known as Auto Image Replication, this allows you to copy/replicate backup images from one NetBackup Domain to another. It's primary use is for disaster recovery, but it is very flexible in how it can be configured, meaning it could have other use cases as well. Keep in mind, however, that this replication will require sufficient resources, and replicating all of your backups with the method can potentially require a target that is just as big and capable as the source.

  • First, be sure to setup the replication relationship between the two storage servers:
Click here for MSDP
Click here for 3rd Party Storage Servers
  • Second create the necessary SLP's on the source and target domains
  1. The Source SLP
    1. The first operation must be a Backup operation to a specific Media Server De-duplication Pool on a properly configured Storage Server.
    2. Setup an additional operation to perform the Replication to the alternate domain.
      • You can have additional operations configured, but the replication must be done for the original source copy.
      • You can also configure additional replication operations to additional alternate domains/Storage Servers.
    3. Select other configurations as needed the click OK.
  2. The Target SLP
    1. Create (or allow to be auto-created and then modify) the SLP with the same name as the source.
      • The first operation must be an Import operation and specific Storage Unite exact Storage Server configured for the replication
        It's usually best to have this also use the "Target retention".
      • Add additional operations as needed.
      • Be sure at least one of the operations has the "Target retention" specified, as well as a "Fixed" retention for the final copy.
      • The data classification must also match the one selected in the SLP on the source Domain.

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