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  • The Business Card of the Internet.
    • A great place to connect and communicate with others
    • Completely public
  • Auto posting vs. engagement
    • Auto posting from other accounts to Twitter is not enough
    • You must also engage with your audience.
    • Too much Auto posting looks like spam

7 Twitter Tips

  1. Clean and Clear Branding
    • Good profile picture (keep it consistent - close up head shot that people can easily recognize)
    • Location (where are people that will want to find you)
    • Where to link to (YouTube, Web-page specifically for Twitter users)
    • Cover Image (clear branding)
    • Tagline (Give people a reason to follow you)
  2. Give people a reason to follow you
    • Tagline
    • Pin a Video to the top of your profile
    • Modified YouTube Trailer
    • Great way to make a 1st impression
  3. Pin a video to top of your feed
    • 60 to 140-second bio
    • let people get to know you
  4. Consistent Strategic Quality Content (CSQC)
    • Photos (all top tweets have photos)
    • Videos (native or uploaded directly is best)
    • On-topic tweets
    • Polls
    • Emoji's
    • Gif's
    • Don't overuse hashtags (one or two - consider the user experience)
  5. Link Your YouTube Channel
    • linking allows people liking your videos to auto-tweet to twitter with your user id.
      • Connect with people who liked your videos by replying to these auto-tweets.
    • Turn off auto tweets so you don't spam your twitter feed
    • Upload a customized video snip-it crafted specifically for YouTube
  6. Engage with people
    • Like tweets to you
    • Give video responses
    • @ replies/tweets only go to the person you are replying to and anyone who follows both of you.
      • Can see them if looking at tweets and replies feed.
    • Send a gif back
  7. Growth Hacking hashtags
    • Engaging around events
    • Engaging around a topic