Ticket Templates for NetBackup Client adds and removals

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Example Template[edit]


Date to Add (please give 2-3 business days lead time - 1-2 days for Urgent requests): MM/DD/YYYY
Backup Interface's FQDN Name (one "client" per ticket please): servernamebkup.domain.com
For clustered systems please provide the physical Server(s) backup interface FQDN Name(s): N/A
(NOTE: All names must resolve both forward and reverse in DNS (not WINS) with no erroneous/conflicting entries)
OS Version & Hardware Architecture: Windows 2008 R2 x64
Backup interface name of a similarly configured system (or the system being replaced) if available: myotherservernamebkup.domain.com
Purpose of the Server (i.e.: FNP, Exchange, SQL, Oracle, etc): my applications name
Is it Development (includes Staging) or Production (impacts restore times): Development
Priority of Backup Failures: MEDIUM
Contact DL for backup failures (on-call pager DL requested for URGENT and HIGH priorities): myteamsDL@domain.com
Backup Path(s): ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES
(if specifying specific directories, please be sure they exist BEFORE submitting this ticket).

If Mounting Disk volume(s) within Folder(s) will the backup need to "Cross Mount Points"? [Yes or No]: No
List any file names/types or directories to be excluded from backups (gets configured in client software on system(s)):
C:\Program Files\MSSQL\MySQLdatabase
Is the majority of the data to backup compressed or encrypted (may impact restore time)? [Yes or No]: No
Run and then copy the output of the following command (on each physical node if clustered) and paste it below:
(output should return a single DNS/IP address entry for the interface used for backups) 

"C:\Program Files\VERITAS\NetBackup\bin\bpclntcmd.exe" -self

C:\Users\spaldam.admin>"c:\Program Files\VERITAS\NetBackup\bin\bpclntcmd.exe" -self
gethostname() returned: mysevernamebkup.domain.com
host myservernamebkup.domain.com: myservername1bkup.domain.com at (0x5aff010a)

If the above command does not work properly or is not found in the correct path, please work with the Platform Team to  correct this BEFORE submitting this ticket.


Standard Retentions: (please provide feedback here if you have special requirements): Need 7 year retention due to regulatory requirements

Daily (Incremental) - Run at night, Monday through Thursday, and is retained for 4 weeks.
Weekly ([Synthetic] Full) - Runs on either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday and is retained for 3 months.
Monthly (Full) - Usually (not always) runs on the 1st full weekend of the month and is retained for a minimum of 18 months.
	3 and 7 year retentions for Monthly backups may be requested if it can be justified by legal requirements.
	Exchange servers (and WDC, MDC, ZDC) do NOT get Monthly backups per standard retention policies.


For assistance with Nexus Backup requirements see:
	(URL is only accessible from within a DataCenter/server Network).

If you are seeking any kind of special or non-standard Backups or Data Archive capabilities, before submitting a ticket, please setup a meeting with the "NetBackup Team" to discuss the options.

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