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YouTube Strategy:

  1. Branding - be clear about what your videos are about (5sec to show brand)
  2. Rank your Videos - It is a search engine, check on what people are searching for
  3. Make shareable videos - would people want to share it? (short is more shareable)
  4. Be Unique - Be Yourself (The Purple Cow)
  5. Collaboration - who can you help provide value to their channel in return for a shout out
  6. Social Media - A great way to share with communities that will like your videos
  7. Who is your target audience - podcasts, blogs, events - dive deep in those communities

Why do people watch YouTube

  1. recommendations
  2. entertainment
  3. education/informative
  4. has value / good content

Do Research

  1. What is my channel about
  2. Who is my target audience
  3. Why are they interested in my channel
  4. how can I get them to share

Perform Recon

  1. Social media
  2. websites
  3. Friends
  4. Family
  5. etc..

Have a production formula

  1. Hook viewer in first 3-7 seconds
  2. Show bumper
  3. Main content
  4. Engage user
  5. outro
  6. Call to action

Optimize videos

  1. Upload to private
  2. Customize title, description, thumbnail, tags, transcribe video, etc.
  3. Then set to public or Schedule

Share your video

  1. Don't spam
  2. make good posts and embed your video

Engage and interact

  1. Take time to comment on your video
  2. replay to comments

Evaluate and adjust

  1. Look at your analytics
  2. Evaluate how your users find you
  3. Track your engagement
  4. etc.

Look for collaboration opportunities

  1. Similar Target audience
  2. Similar popularity
  3. Similar video quality

Otherwise, they make just take your viewers away from you, or not find you interesting at all.


  1. Batching - Shoot a bunch of videos at once, then edit and put out over time
  2. Block time - find a regular time to shoot and edit videos
  3. Assistant - my kids? My wife won't do it... :(
  4. VAL - Video, Audio, Lighting - make sure your equipment is ready
  5. Set - a place to shoot (mine is out in the wild)
  6. Wardrobe - Don't be warring the same thing for each video


  1. Video Outline - not a script, not on shoot day
  2. Shoot Video
  3. Shoot a Thumbnail Photo
  4. Shoot B-Roll - voice-overs, cuts to second shots, etc.
  5. Batch produce Social Media photos

Search results

  1. Keywords Based on how much watch time - most important - especially in the 1st week
  2. Metadata (description, tags, etc.)
  • Consistency
  • Content
  • Community

Making Films:

  • Gear doesn't matter
    • Cell Phones work great
  • Story is Golden
    • Everything else serves the story
  • Repetition is the only way to get better