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Take full control of your business without stressing out over operational details.

Know what to focus on, and eliminate time-wasters.

All while still providing consistent service that wow's your customers

The Shifts

Align Operations with Your Vision

Most entrepreneurs are out of alignment with their vision. your strategy, vision, and values must be in-line with your day-to-day operations. Otherwise you'll be spending time and effort on things that don't contribute to your overall vision and goals.

Optimizing without this only causes you to scale in the wrong direction. Even if you have the best services or offerings, you will not be growing your skills in the areas needed to meet your goals.

Address Underlying Problems

Don't focus on symptoms, but the underlying problems. Productivity or time management are the symptoms; they leave you with a bunch of busy work. The real problems are with clarity on your strategy or vision. shift your attention from tactical issues to the the real problems of leadership, vision, and values.

Use Value-Driven System

SOP's, mechanical systems, rigorous policies, driving for efficiency, all lead to demoralizing and burning out your team. You are treating them like robots, not human beings.

Focus on simple systems and processes designed with your unique business values will help drive effectiveness without compromising your services.

Delivery System:

  1. Onboard
  2. Engage/Serve
  3. Ongoing Support

People System:

  1. Attract & Hire
  2. Onboard & Train
  3. Empower

Day-to-day operations processes must align to provide consistent services based on your values.

Go Beyond Systems, Automation, and Tools

You cannot force people to implement systems and automation without creating the processes around their habits and the organizational culture.

Don't try to change your habits. It's much easier to follow processes aligned with your habits, or pick a tool that fits your routines.

Invest in Step-By-Step Expert Guidance

Mentoring is a big help for every successful entrepreneur.

Look for mentors that provide a full solution, not piecemeal.

Make sure you give step-by-step help and accountability. Don't let them drag things out for their own benefit.


  1. Align Operations & Vision
  2. Address Underlying Problems
  3. Create Step-by-step Action Plan for your BIG wins
  4. Eliminate -> Automate -> Document -> Delegate -> Train -> Empower
  5. Build your Delivery System