Remove a NetBackup Media Server

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Also see: nbdecommission

  1. Move Media
    sudo bpmedia -movedb -allvolumes -newserver <Master_Server> -oldserver <server_to_be_decommissioned>
  2. Turn off Nagios notifications
  3. Delete Storage Units Specific to Media Server
    sudo bpstudel -label <storage_unit_name>
  4. Delete all Tape Devices Associated with Media Server
    sudo nbemmcmd -deletealldevices -machinename <server_to_be_decommissioned> -machinetype media
  5. Remove OST authorization from Media Server
    Run command once for each OST Storage Server authorized/configured on the Media server
    Run these Commands from the Media Server being decommissioned
    sudo tpconfig -delete -storage_server <Storage_Server_Name> -stype <DataDomain|Quantum> -sts_user_id ostusr
  6. Remove Media Server from EMM Database
    sudo nbemmcmd -deletehost -machinename <server_to_be_decommissioned> -machinetype media
  7. Stop NetBacukp on the server being decommissioned
    sudo netbackup stop
  8. Verify NetBackup services are all stoped
    sudo bpps -a
    Run bp.kill_all if necessary.
  9. Edit bp.conf on all other NBU servers to remove any references to decommissioned server:
    SERVER = <server_name>
  10. Force a re-read of the configuration on all NBU servers that bp.conf was updated on:
    sudo bprdreq -rereadconfig

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