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For more details see Chapter 3 of the Symantec NetBackup™ Security and Encryption Guide starting on page 95

These ports all use standard TCP/IP protocols

13724 vnetd Master server, media server, client
13783 nbatd (back-level media servers and clients) master server, media server, client
13783 vrts-at-port Authentication server
13722 nbazd (back-level media servers and clients) master server, media server
13722 vrts-auth-port Authorization server
1556 veritas_pbx master server, media server, client, Administrative and Java Consoles, Enterprise media management,
                 Authorization and Authentication servers, NetBackup Web GUI, OpsCenter
2821 vssat Authentication
10082 spoold MSDP between servers and clients when de-duplicating data
10102 spad NetBackup Deduplication Manager between servers and clients
443 PureDisk Storage Pool Authority between NetBackup clients and PureDisk Storage Pool
5637 nbcssc NetBackup Cloud
80 http NetBackup Web GUI
443 https NetBackup Web GUI
8181 http NetBackup web GUI (if 80 is not available)
8443 https NetBackup web GUI (if 433 is not available)
8282 http last resort port
8554 https last resort port
13786 Sybase SQL Anywhere and NetBackup Web GUI
10000 DMA Data Management Application for NDMP (an unlimited number of ports may also be needed for Remote NDMP)

Dynamically allocated ports are also be used once communication is established on the above listed ports. For more details see Page 109 of the Symantec NetBackup™ Security and Encryption Guide. Firewall connection options are also available.

SNMP traps area also used and require output UDP port 162.

SMTP email server protocol is used for outgoing mail, if configured.

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