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NetBackup Accelerator

NetBackup 7.5 introduced a client-side data reduction feature called NetBackup Accelerator that sends only changed data to the media server. Accelerator requires a NetBackup Data Protection Optimization Option license. Accelerator supports file-level back ups on Windows, UNIX, and Linux systems. On Windows systems it can leverage the NTFS change journal for faster identification of changed files.

To activate NetBackup OST Accelerator, you must add the NetBackup mappings file to the default locations:


C:\Program Files\VERITAS\

You can obtain the mappings files from:



You can obtain the mappings files from: UNIX/Linux:

Media Server De-dup

Most OST integrated storage vendors also allow for the Media Server to handle some of the De-duplication, so as to reduce the load on your SAN.

Client De-dup

When using NetBackup's appliances or MSDP's you can de-duplicate at the client.

SAN Transport

There is support for doing OST over SAN fiber with some storage appliances.

Granular Restore Technology

Granular Restore Technology (GRT) enables users to restore single files or folders from a backup without restoring the entire backup. These partial restores are significantly faster, allowing customers to recover from accidental file deletions or virus infections more quickly. Granular Restore for Exchange and SharePoint backups are supported on NetBackup 7.5 and later. The GRT configuration is done in the NetBackup backup application.

Secure Erasure

This feature provides the ability to audit data destruction for OST data. Additionally, secure erasure meets the National Institute of Standards and Technology 800-88 standard for data destruction.


Most OST targets support De-Duplication of Data

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