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OpsCenter Manager

NetBackup OpsCenter is the primary monitoring and reporting product.

See OpsCenter Install for more details on installation and configuration.

No.Restrictions vs. Altnames

The No.Restrictions is a security risk and should only be used in extreme circumstances such as during a Disaster Recovery exercise.

Using links in the images database is also not recommended and can cause corruption within NetBackup; It can also cause the Catalog backup to backup data in duplicate.

Instead use altnames and a “test” policy to put physical client names into for a one time backup if needed.

For more information see Altnames Configuration for NetBackup.

Libraries and VTL's

Physical Libraries need to be setup to auto-clean tape drives when drives report that they need cleaning.

They should also be setup to automatically inject tape by adding the line AUTO_UPDATE_ROBOT to /usr/openv/volmgr/vm.conf:

masterserver:~[500]# more /usr/openv/volmgr/vm.conf
DEVICE_HOST = masterserver

VTL’s cause additional overhead for something that should really be much simpler. Use OST instead or DSSU's (unless you insist on using 8gb SAN fiber, instead of 10gb Network fiber).

When everything is going to de-dup disk space that is replicated to an off-site location, we tapes are then only needed for long term retention (i.e.: “Monthly” backups) as all other shorter retention data would be replicated to a DR sight.

Open Storage (OST)

Storage Servers and/or De-duplication appliances should follow standard server naming conventions.

To help easily identify different types of data usage the LSU's can be named after the data-type and environment.


STD_QA       - Standard OS data in the Quality Assurance environment
ORA_PROD     - Oracle DB backups in the Production environment
SQL_DEV_REP  - Replication target for MSSQL DB backups from the Development environment.

Disk Pools can then be named as a combination of the Storage Server’s DNS name and the LSU name (i.e. NAS01-STD_QA).

Following a Storage Unit naming convention it could be named similar to nbu01-disk-NAS01-STD_QA-ost-nas01

For more details see Storage Servers in NetBackup and DDR Setup and Configuration.

Also see Understanding NetBackup Storage Lifecycle Policies for DR replication of OST/Storage Server/De-duplication devices.

Intervals and Timeouts

See: Tuning and Testing for NetBackup

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