Installing Java Administrator Console for NetBackup

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The NetBackup Java Console can be installed and run on any Windows Desktops with Network connectivity to the NetBackup Master Server. This will allow for managing NetBackup without needing to login to any other systems.


Access is primarily determined based on if you are an Administrator or an Operator. No other access is granted, and there is no Read Only access available.

To request access create a ticket and submit it to the NetBackup team.

Be sure to specify that you need it for use with the NetBackup Java Console, why you need this access, and specifically what sections of NetBackup you need to access.

You will also need an account on the Unix server that is running NetBackup as this account ties into you're Java Console login. You can request this access for the UNIX team via a separate (but related) ticket.


NetBackup Administrators have full access to all of the features and functions of the NetBackup Java Administrator console.

Power Users[edit]

Some additional levels of access may be granted on an as needed basis that will be evaluated on an individual basis.
Usually this is just the ability to access the Activity Monitor and Reports sections.


Operators only have access to:

Other items may appear, but will likely provide little to no access


Your ability to access this console or any part of it, does not authorize you to take actions or make modifications unless you have specifically been granted permission to do so.



Before installing, first check to see if it’s already installed by looking under one of these two locations:

Start -> All Programs - > VERITAS NetBackup -> NetBackup - Java Version 6.5
Start -> All Programs -> Symantec NetBackup -> NetBackup - Java Version 7.1

If version 7.1 is installed skip to the Password Section

If version 6.5 is installed you will first need to remove the 6.5 version using the "Programs and Features" utility found in the "Control Panel". It will show up as "VERITAS NetBackup - Java 6.5", and "Veritas NetBackup Java 6.5.6 (6.5 Release Update 6)".

NOTE: The 7.1 version is not backwards compatible with 6.5 environments.
You may have to install both versions on your computer. Each will have to have it's own installation directory, which requires doing a custom install.

NOTE: on Windows 7 you may need to run the NetBackup installs with Administrative Privileges..

UAC-enabled environments require you to log on as the official administrator. Users that are assigned to the Administrators Group and are not the official administrator cannot install NetBackup in UAC-enabled environments. To allow users in the Administrators Group to install NetBackup, disable UAC.

Installs Location[edit]

The Windows install binaries can be found here:


This zip file is 2gigs in size, and must be copied to a local temporary directory on the system it is to be installed on.

After copying this file locally unzip it; this will require an additional 2-3 gigs of free space on the local hard drive.

Base Install[edit]

Browse to the local temporary directory were you previously un-zipped the install package to. Click on the "Browser.exe" executable.

On Windows 2007, be sure to right click on "Launch" and select "Run as Administrator"

For older OS versions, make sure you are logged in as an administrator, and then confirm you want to run the program by clicking on the “Run” button.

This will bring up the CD Browser program.

Click on the "Preinstallation" then "Run the preinstallation Environment Checker" and validate that your system passes all tests.

This will open a new window. In this window do the following:

  1. Click Next
  2. Select Local Environment Check
  3. Click Next
  4. View Results
  5. Click Finish - this will close the window.

Click on “Installation” then on the “Java Windows Administration Console Installation” link.

This will launch the Java install window.

Click “Next” then accept the software agreement and click “Next” again.

A “Typical” install will be fine for most situations, unless you want it installed to a non-standard location.

The Next screen will allow you to verify our selections. Click on the "Install" Icon at the bottom to start the installation.

Be sure to note any errors you get during the install, in case they are needed for troubleshooting. Once the install is finished, click “Finish”

Finally, don’t forget to exit from the CD Browser window.


Before you can use the Java console, you must first obtain a loggin, and know how to manage your password.

If you need a loggin, see the Access Section

Once you have an account setup, you will need to change your password.

To change your password will require the use of SSH.

Your login (the same one used for the Java login window that is explained bellow) should be provided to you by a Unix Administrator.

Your default password will be given to you when your account on the NetBackup Master Server is setup.

Once logged in, type in the command “passwd”. It will prompt you for your current password, then ask you for a new password. Finally it asks you to confirm your new password as illustrated bellow:

When done, type “exit” to log-out.

Now that you have your new user name and password, you can use it to log in to the NetBackup Java console.

Logging in[edit]

Logging into NetBackup's Java Administration Console

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