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Here’s everything You need to know to get the information you are looking for:

Also see the main NetBackup wiki page for more details.

  • If you have direct access to log-in to a server, you can use the Client Side Restores and Verification procedures to do your own restores, or simply to verify if your data is backed up.

    • In most organizations you can also contact the Help Desk, or create a ticket to request a file(s) be restored.
      There is a standard template that you should use for these kinds of tickets, that asks the questions that we need to know in order to do a restore, and automatically assigns the ticket to the appropriate group that can most efficiently do the restore for you.

    • The information needed to perform a restore are as follows:
  1. Where does/did the data reside, or how would you normally access the data (i.e.: M:\myfiles\filename.ext).
    NOTE: Make sure you can access this location, or a parent directory, before requesting a restore.
    If you use an application to access the data, first test to make sure you can access the path directly independent of the application.
  2. What does the drive letter Map to (i.e. "myshare on\share\location\"), or if directly attached to the server, what server does that drive letter reside on.
  3. What date and time was the file last known to be in the condition you want it restored to.
  4. Any other special instructions (i.e. "restore it to a "restore" sub-directory).

  • To see if a Sever or Clustered Resource Backup Interface (sometimes called a VIP or backup interface alias) is being backed up, and what policy it's backed up with, you must know the name of the Server or Virtulized Interface as it appears within DNS (Domain Name):
  • If you have access to the Admin Console, or OpsCenter you search for recent backups for a given “client” to see what NetBackup "Policy"(s) it is backed up to.
    If a sever does not appear to be getting backed up, verify if it is backed up under a different name, or a different server containing the same data is already getting backed up.
    You can always request a server be backed up using the instructions that are linked to here:

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