How to Retire Media from NetBackup

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See below for how to do a bulk retire as part of these procedures.

  • When retiring tapes, have the local admin/"Remote Hands" make sure tape is disposed of in a manner that will prevent the data on it from ever being read again.
    With Encrypted tapes, this becomes less of a concern.
Tapes that still contain data on them that is valid and un-expired should not be expire, unless the tape has been deemed to be unrecoverable (please note this in the log mentioned below).
  • Be sure to remove the tape from robotic library if needed, before deleting it from NetBackup.
    Failure to do so will cause it to re-appear in NetBackup, requiring it to be deleted again.
  • To Delete from NetBackup follow one of the methods shown bellow:
sudo /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/vmdelete -m MEDIAID
  • We must keep a log of all retired tapes
    Be sure to Update the appropriate log to indicate tape was retired:
vi /xxx/logs/tapes/YYYY/Tape_Deletion.log
Where YYYY is the current 4 digit year in which the tape was retired.

Bulk Retiring[edit]

Here's an example of how to do a bulk retire.

This is often helpful when the "Remote Hands" send the NetBackup team an e-mail letting them know a lot of old expired tapes have been returned that will not be used again.

  • Past the list of tapes into a temporary file:
vi /xxxx/tmp/old-tapes.lst
  • Use this list to create a loop to process each tape/media ID:
cat /xxxx/tmp/old-tapes.lst | while read mediaid
> do
> echo "$mediaid `sudo /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/vmquery -l -m $mediaid | awk '{print "  "$3"  "$11"   MM/DD/YYYY"}'`"
> done
The Resulting out put should look similar to the following (using tabs works best):
MEDAID  HCART3  Offsite_Vendor_LTO1     MM/DD/YYYY
Were MM is the current month, DD is the current day, and YYYY is the current year.
This out put can now be appended the log file mentioned above.
cat /xxxx/tmp/old-tapes.lst | while read mediaid ; do echo "$mediaid `sudo /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/vmquery -l -m $mediaid | awk '{print "  "$3"  "$11"   MM/DD/YYYY"}'`" ; done >> /xxxx/logs/tapes/YYYY/Tape_Deletion.log
  • Now you'll want to delete the tapes from NetBackup using something similar to the following:
cat /xxxx/tmp/old-tapes.lst | while read mediaid
> do
> echo $mediaid
> sudo /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/vmdelete -m $mediaid
> done
  • Once deleted be sure to respond the the "Remote Hands" e-mail letting them know the media has been logged and deleted from NetBackup and can now be destroyed.

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