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Viral Video Formula[edit]

  1. Usually Short
  2. Has Music and/or Dancing
  3. Related to a Trend or Current event
  4. Invoke Emotion
  5. Often have Kids and/or Animals
  6. Often made by someone who already has lots of followers

Have a Big Channel[edit]

If you really want your videos to go viral, you need to have a channel with a well-sized audience to being with.

Here's how you grow your YouTube channel:

  1. Great Titles
    • Nobody will click on your video, to begin with, if you don't have a compelling title.
    • It needs to entice people to click on it.
    • It needs to be truthful, and relevant, but also catchy.
    • Make sure it actually matches something people would search for. Do some research on keywords
    • Start typing into the YouTube search bar to see what shows up
  2. Frequent uploads (daily if you can)
    • YouTube likes to see frequent and consistent uploads.
    • Have a regular schedule.
    • Upload at least twice a week, more if possible.
  3. Go live!
    • Doing it weekly is a good idea.
    • Live content is promoted very heavily. It's a great way to grow your audience/subscribers.
    • Do it with the idea in mind that it will be viewed as a replay as well.
    • Give your viewers an opportunity to interact with you and get to know you better.
  4. Discoverability
    • Most views come from the "suggested videos" list.
    • It needs to stick out from all the others in the list. (thumbnail and title)
    • You need good watch time for youtube to like you and suggest you.
    • I needs to be relevant/related to the video being watched.
    • Have good keywords that match what people are searching for.
    • Do collaborations when it makes sense.
  5. Thumbnails
    • Always use custom Thumbnails
    • Eyes, Emotion, Excitement
    • This gives people a reason to click on your thumbnail
    • It needs to look good on mobile! Enhance the colors and sharpen it so that it really pops when it's small.
    • Must complement your title
  6. Length
    • Most important: Your video should be as short as possible, but as long as is needed.
    • YouTube likes videos that are between 7 and 16 minutes because that's what people are usually willing to watch and still go watch more videos after.
    • Short videos give more opportunities for people to bounce.
    • Long videos make people feel like they have already invested too much time into watching videos.
    • At ten minutes, you can place video ads within the video. (make sure you pick the ideal time to place that video).
    • 10 to 12 minutes is the best.
  7. Do Your Homework
    • Look for the 5 to 10 people online who are creating the similar content and understand why they are successful
    • See how well they are doing the other things mentioned in this list.
    • See how they make their money, keep peoples attention, connecting with their audience, etc.
    • Reverse engineer their "algorithm"

Algorithm 2017[edit]

YouTube analyzes user behavior based on watch and search histories. It recommends videos based on an individuals behavior.

It looks at each person's search history and watchers history to determine what should be recommended to them.

You win by getting people to start watching on your video and keep watching regardless of whose videos they watch.

  1. Watch Time Velocity
    • First 24 hours
    • First 7 days
    • First 30 days
  2. Overall Watch Time
    • How long do they watch (doesn't necessarily have to be your videos if you started the session).
  3. Session Time Overall
    • How long a person is on YouTube regardless of what you watch
    • This is why suggesting you watch someone else's video is good, especially if it's a collaboration
    • Remarketing & Retargeting
  4. Session Starts
    • How many people do you bring to YouTube
  5. Video Retention
    • Average video duration
  6. Upload Frequency
    • 3+ per week gives a big advantage
    • Includes using going live.
    • New Playlists also work almost as well
  7. Thumbnails
    • Prioritizes Human Faces - especially expressive faces
    • Click through rate is also extremely important. You need to catch peoples attention.
    • Don't be to text heavy
  8. Likes/Dislikes
    • Not a major factor, more for watchers to give creators feedback
    • Gives some credit to your video, but not much.

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