How To Live A Prosperous Life

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Do Attitudes

  1. Be Productive
    • Don't wast time doing things like watching TV or the News (they are all biased anyway, and add nothing of real value to your life, unless they are educational or uplifting).
    • Spend time solving problems, working on real sustainable solutions.
    • Stay focused on the task at hand (it's ok to take the occasional break, but don't get off-track).
    • If you plan some R&R, make sure it's productive too, not just an excuse to be lazy.
    • Make the time for you to get things done without distractions (Many rich people find the early morning before everyone else is awake to be a good time to get things done).
  2. Be Determined
    • Most first tries fail. Don't let this discourage you from trying again.
    • Lean from your failures, adjust, and try again.
  3. Face Your Problems
    • Don't run away and disconnect, instead take them head on, and find solutions.
    • It can be difficult to change who you are, or fix issues in your life, but ignoring them will only make them linger longer.
    • We all only have 24 hours in a day. How we manage them, and how we spend that time is often the difference between those who live life and those who just go through it.
  4. Be healthy
    • Find a good doctor that works for you and get regular checkups.
    • Take the extra time needed to eat healthy.
    • Spend a few hours a week getting focused and productive exercise.
    • Your Health directly effects all aspects of your life.
    • Get enough sleep, but don't wast time sleeping too much. Find the right balance where you feel rested, but aren't wasting time sleeping.
    • Have good hygiene. Many sicknesses can be avoided simply by being clean (not to mention eating healthy). Otherse are less likely to want to be around you if your dirty.
  5. Be Patient
    • Don't get caught up on the latest craze or sale or promotion. Instead stick to your plan and your budget.
  6. Be a Player not a Spectator
    • Most people like to watch sports, but this puts you in a position of being invested in something for which that you have no control over the outcome. This can affect attitudes within the rest of your life.
    • Take ownership of problems so you can find solutions. Blaming others only makes you a victim with no control of your own outcome.
    • Don't worry so much about what happens to you, but about how you respond to it. Stay positive.
    • Look into why things happen, try to understand them, not to find blame, but to learn from it.
    • Take proactive steps from the things you've learned to prevent yourself from being a victim of circumstance.
  7. Take Control of you Financial Situation
  8. Make Family a priority
    • Spend time with your loved one's. Not just quantity, but also quality.
    • Your best and closest friends should be your actual real family.
    • Don't confuse having a group of friends as your family. A real family is forever, friends tend to come and go.
    • Some may say you should wait to have kids or get married, but as hard and expensive as they may be to raise, you'll find you kids to be one of the best parts of your life. Waiting until your older only makes it harder.
  9. Surround yourself with good freinds
    • Many studies have shown, you are the sum of the five people you hang out with most.
    • Be positive and you'll attract positive people into your life.
    • Influence those around you to help them become better, but don't be pushy, most people reject change and many will even reject you for changing. Being a good example is the best way to help inspire others to do better.
    • Find new friends if you find yourself being dragged down by them. This doesn't mean you need to burn bridges, but if you truly want to become better don't be surprised if those around you don't want to come along for the ride.
  10. Always be learning
    • One of the best investments you will ever make is in yourself; especially the knowledge you gain throughout your life.
    • One of the most important things to learn is how to apply your knowledge. Knowledge is good, but to truly be wise, you must know how best to apply that knowledge.
    • Learn things that are good, productive, and uplifting. Knowing things that are worthless (like what your favorite celebrity is doing every day) will not help you better your life. Knowing things that are destructive, can help you destroy your life.
  11. Have Integrity
    • Don't look to others to solve your problems for you or help you up. The world doesn't owe you anything; nobody does. To truly understand the value of something you must earn it.
    • If you don't follow through on your ideas, visions, promises, etc. you'll never get anywhere. If you don't have integrity, people won't trust you and you'll find it harder to have good friends to help lift you up.
    • The worst person to not be honest with is yourself. Simply knowing how to have a prosperous life will not make it so. You must have the integrity to make yourself take action towards your own goals.