Frozen Tapes Procedures

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This procedure can be helpful when dealing with unfreezing tapes and determining which frozen tapes may need to be retired:

  1. Login to the Master server in question and run the following command:
    sudo /admin/nbu/bin/ -m MEDIAID
    You can also try to find this information from the Java Console under the "Media" Section.

  2. The output from the commands should contain a line similar to one of these:
    Description: Added by Media Manager
    Description: Scratch Tape
    Description: unfrozen 06-07-2010

  3. If the Description line does not say "unfrozen" on it, then this is the first time the tapes has been noted as having been frozen.
    If it says it was unfrozen on a single date, this is the second time it has been noted as having been frozen
    If it has two dates, then it's the third time, and the tape needs to be properly retired.
    (The tape will still need to be unfrozen to retire it, but make sure you don't unfreeze it before you are ready to have it retired to insure it doesn't get re-used)
  4. If it's only the first or second time, you'll want to unfreeze the tape:
    sudo /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bpmedia -m MEDIAID -unfreeze [-h HOSTNAME]

  5. Finally, Update the description to indicate that it was unfrozen (again):
    sudo /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/vmchange -d "unfrozen MM-DD-YY MM-DD-YY" -m MEDIAID

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