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How to Earn Top Dollar as a freelance Creative in 90 days

Freelancing Lifestyle

Take the actions you need to take, to live in the consequences you want to live in.

Don't fall into the freelancer traps with low payouts and being low-balled on project offers.

Freelancer web-sites are not the way to get consistent high paying jobs.

A real freelancer has zero startup costs, more freedom, and top pay.

Freelance Job Sites

3 secrets to becoming a freelancer

Freelance Superpower

Better Pay, Better Clients, and Ultimate Freedom

This is a services business. You are going to help other businesses that need help.

Show up as Superman by figuring out your super power.

Find your Focus. Look inward before you serve others.

Find what you are passionate about. Find what you love. That makes you excited to get up in the morning.

Then Go get the skills you need to become Superman in this niche.

Do Not Market, Sell or Submit

Get Top Paying Clients and cool projects on demand

Create a Client getting faucet. Turn it on to get clients, turn it off when you don't want clients.

Must send one email per day.

  1. Traffic
    • Social Media
    • Videos on YouTube
    • Create a platform
  2. Email List
  3. Daily E-mail
    • Like a journal
    • not marketing or selling
    • Let people know what you did that day to help someone's business.

This is about building a relationship of trust.

Passive Income

This is the key to a real Freelancer Lifestyle

Must Build a business that pays you even when you're not actively working on it.

Part time Hourly Work + No Work Upsells + Packaged Knowledge = Enough income to live on and lots of free time.

  1. Hourly Client Work
    • 3-5 clients @ $50 - $100 / hr.
    • 30 hours a week, every other week.
  2. No Work Upsell
    • Smart and Strategic application of your skills.
    • Ads more value and results for people who are paying you.
  3. Packaged Knowledge
    • Sell a video, PDF, etc. showing people who to do what you would do for them.
    • Sell to people who can't afford your hourly rate, or can't wait for your time.

Being able to help people work through all the information out there so they can get results is a huge value.

12 Week Plan

Work On Yourself

Decide Freelancer Lifestyle You Want

Do you want more time, freedom, money, etc.

What is the minimum you need.

Set a solid foundation.

Discover Your Freelancer Superpower

Find your Passion and how you can charge for it.

Answer simple questions to discover it.

Find out if you can make the money you need from it.

Decide Who To Serve

Discover your niche.

Attract clients that work well with you.

Learn how to protect yourself and say No.

Build messaging.

Develop How You Will Serve Them

Craft your service offers. More than one.

Insure clients behave the way you want

Automate so you can focus on your super power.

Create an Ascension plan to turn clients into recurring passive income.

Test Yourself/Expand Your Mindset – 72 Hour Challenge

Automated Marketing

Build Your Lighthouse

Discover how to attract your clients in an automated process.

Build six figures off a single short blog post

Pre-qualify clients with automated system

24x7 sales site

Automate Your Sales System

3 part email series templates to close sales.

Get paid befor you even talk to a client

Auto-invoice, collect payments, and get them on-time.

Turn On The Traffic Faucet

Push button system to turn on/off the faucet

Close multiple clients

Paid traffic


Learn how to leverage prospects into the best referrals

Get 5 testimonials in 72 hours challenge

Work on the Business

Develop Your Gold Member Offer

Get existing clients to tell you what they want to pay more

how to create something you can charge for without any of the work yourself.

Develop Your Passive Income Offer

Package your knowledge into a product that you can sell any time.

Make multiple packages that attract high paying clients

Double Your Income

Move into an agency

Systemize Your Processes

Squeeze every last minute out of your day

80/20 Rule

Step out of the business and get others to do the work for you

The $10,000 Challenge