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  • Server lists within the NetBackup client should list the server interfaces that the client will communicate with; matching the network client is backed up over (public vs. -bkp)
  • Client name setting must match network name used to backup the client (public vs. -bkp)
  • Client name (including -bkp) must be populated within DNS, including a matching reverse DNS lookup.
  • Standard Exclude lists should be applied to all clients to reduce load and prevent status 1 error codes.
  • All clients should be configured in lowercase and FQDN.
  • Windows Open File Backup (VSS) should be set to "disable and continue" on failures.
    • VSP should only be used with Windows 2000, and optionally 32bit 2003.
  • When a client is undergoing maintenance, it should be set to be Offline until the next scheduled backup after the maintenance is scheduled to be completed by.
  • Client read timeout should be set to match server side setting.

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