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Welcome to the Spaldam's History Wiki.

This Wiki is a collection of scriptural, prophetic, historical, and personal information designed to help Spaldam better understand many things, including the history of the world from a spiritual point of view. While the history of our world is full of atrocities, evil doers and other negative events, the hope here is to present a more spiritual and uplifting view of the world were good shines threw as the higher power and eventually win out over evil. This history will not only show temporal events, but also help those who read it to understand the spiritual aspects that influence our lives as individuals and this world in general.

The information on this web-site is to be based primarily on scriptural references using as the primary source of scriptures and interpretations there of. Other religious, prophetic, spiritual, and historical sources are also acceptable so long as they are original and verifiable. What is discouraged here are theories (including scientific theories - unless specifically stated as such), rumors, opinions (unless clearly stated as such), bigotry, etc. While many forms of scriptural, spiritual, and factual information are acceptable, it must be backed by verifiable original records and/or links to the source of the information.

If you would like to contribute to this wiki, you'll probably need to personally know Spaldam, but even if not check out the different types of user rights and then register to become a user.

Time Line

This time line is split up into 10 major groups based on God's time; as best we can understand it: Pre-time (meaning before the earth was created), Creation of the Earth, Post time, and 7 temporal "days" or periods based on Ps. 90:4 were it suggests that 1 day to God is 1000 years of earthly time, and D&C 77:6 that says the earth has a temporal existence of 7000 years. Also see Gen. 2:17 and Gen. 5:5 were Adam is told he will die within a day (according to God's time), and lives to be 930 years old (according to temporal time).


Heavenly Father organizes intelligence into his Spirit Children, sets for a plan for salvation, and a War in Heaven ensues.

Earth prepared for creation (spiritual creation).

POGP - Abr. 3:18,22
Bible - NT - Rev. 12:7-12
POGP - Moses 4:1-4


God Creates the Physical Earth and place man on it.

Said to take only 7 days (or periods of time), but Earths Temporal existence has not yet started, so it is most likely according to God's time.

POGP - Moses ??
Bible - OT - Gen. ??

Millennium 1

Adam & Eve Isaac


Year 0 - 1000 4000 - 3000 BC

Bible - Rev. 6:1-2

Millennium 2


Great Wickedness

Year 1001-2000 3000 - 2000 BC

Bible - Rev. 6:3-4

Millennium 3

Noah Abraham Joseph Moses Nephites

Commerce and Drought

Year 2001-3000 2000 - 1000 BC

Bible - Rev. 6:5-6

Millennium 4

Tribes of Israel Scattered


Year 3001-4000 1000 - 0 BC

Bible - Rev. 6:7-8

Christ Apostasy

Year 4001-4326 0 - 325 AD

Bible - Rev. 6:9-11 Bible - Rev. 12:1-6

Millennium 5

Dark Ages

Year 4327 - 5301 325 - 1300 AD

Bible - Rev. 6:12-16

Millennium 6

Revival Restoration

Year 5301 - 5900 1300 - 1899 AD

Bible - Rev. 6:16-17 Bible - Rev. 7 Bible - Rev. 14:1-13 Bible - Rev. 16:1-14

D&C 113

Millennium 7

Millennial Reign of Christ

Year 6001-7000

Bible - Rev. 6:17 Bible - Rev. 8-11 Bible - Rev. 14:13-20 Bible - Rev. 16:15-21

Post Time

Paradise and spirit prison

Earth glorified

Three Degrees of glory & outer darkness

Bible - Rev. 15


  • Bible - The King James Version of the Holy Bible
  • OT - Old Testament
  • NT - New Testament
  • JST - The Joseph Smith Translation of the King James version of the Holy Bible
  • BOM - Book of Mormon
  • D&C - Doctrine and Covenants
  • POGP - Pearl of Great Price

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