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S.J.'s Adventures

My favorite sports are of course related to motor vehicles (and Baseball - I have a bunch of baseball cards that I'd sell if the price was right. If you'd like to buy them go back to the Main page and contact the web-master). I used to Drag Race at Rocky Mountain Raceways in my '00 Toyota Celica (and once in my Daytona). I competed in the Street Legal Sport Compact class. I got fifth place in 2001 which was the first FULL season that I competed in. This allowed me to compete in a regional event. In 2002, I think I did about as well, but the competition was harder which put me into 10th place. The 2003 season was a flop for me because I only raced one time (due to broken lug-nuts, and other unexpected problems), and didn't do very well; plus I got rid of my car half way through the season.

I've also been off-road to many amazing places that most people haven't seen in person. I've started out in Utah along the Wasatch Front, and after moving to Texas, I when to a couple of off-road parks which wasn't quite as much fun, but now I'm in Arizona and having fun exploring the mountains again.

2015 4Runner 4x4 SR5 Premium

The wife was getting tired of switching cars to go pickup the kids, so we sold the Mini Cooper and the Sienna Van and purchased this instead. Being the wife's car, it doesn't see dirt too often, but occasionally I can convince her to take it on a dirt road.


2007 FJC 4x4

I finally got back to getting my favorite vehicle I've ever owned. The FJ Cruiser.

I call it The Purple People Eater.

You Can Find More FJ Cruser Information here.

2011 Mini Cooper

After moving to Arizona, the Wife decided she needed something to use for her long commute to work, and of course it couldn't be any old cheap little Honda, so we needed up with this. The van below then stayed home with the kids and the nanny.


2008 Toyota Sienna

This was an excellent vehicle for our family. Reliable, easy to use, and still a little fun to drive. We put a lot of miles on it as it was the vehicle we took on all of our trips.


2000 Toyota Tacoma

This was another crazy mistake of a vehicle, but I made it work for a couple of years.

Tacoma Rebuild

I called this truck TacoMaria


After getting settled down in Texas, in the Winter of 2007, I obtained (thanks to my wife and her Uncle who has some connections) and Toyota FJ Cruiser with the TRD Special Edition package. And sold the GTI shortly thereafter.

My wife liked to call this one Frank Jr (she's a Friends fan), but I called it Negro.

2000 VW GTI VR6

After moving to Texas in the Fall of 2005, I traded the '97 Tacoma for this ugly peace of crap because of the lack of mountains, which is what I enjoyed most about 4x4ing. Not to mention how spread out everything is in Texas, making it much more desirable to have a vehicle that is more fuel efficient, faster, and easier to drive. Of course this all turned out to be a big mistake.

My wife named this one Tweety (as in the cartoon character Tweety bird).

More on this car here

2004 Saturn Vue v6 AWD

This is my wife's dream car. The only special modifications done to this vehicle are factory accessories.


1997 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 LX v6

I miss this truck. I never should have sold it. It was awesome, and well built despite a few flaws.

The wife named this one Jose.

I also did a lot of 4x4ing when I was in Utah with This truck as part of the Utah chapter of the TTORA club.

2000 Chevy Tracker 4dr 4x4

I bought this one for my wife even though she really wanted a Saturn Vue. The Tracker was much more affordable at the time then a brand new All-Wheel-Drive V6 Vue, but despite it's seemingly good reliability it sure wasn't much fun to drive, especially on the freeway. I installed an alarm system with Key-less entry, and upgraded the stereo with a duplicate MP3 player to the one I put in my Tacoma (see above) and the sub-woofer out of my 2000 Celica (see below). As soon as the 2004 Vue's came out we traded the tracker in for one, and never looked back. The difference in insurance was unbelievably small, and the Vue felt so much more stable and was much more fun to drive. I kept the alarm and stereo equipment for my Tacoma (see above).

1989 Toyota Pickup

Just before my wife and I got married, her brother gave us this truck to help her move from Texas to Utah, where I was living. It did the job, and lasted another 9 months before the engine went out due to a bad head gasket. It wasn't worth fixing because the body was rusting out, and it already had a salvaged title.

My wife named it Juan.


2000 Toyota Celica GT-S

My first brand new car, and I had a love hate relationship with it.

My wife named it Rita.

More on this car here

You can find more Toyota Celica information here

1987 Toyota Pickup 4X4

I sold it to my roommate, and I don't think I have pictures of it. It got stolen shortly after I sold it to him. We found it a week latter striped down, but my roommate was able to get it usable again. It was a good truck while it lasted. I had a lot of fun driving it in the mountains around Salt Lake and Utah Counties.

1988 Shelby Daytona Z

I got this car with an insurance payment from an accident I had in the Honda bellow, while delivering pizzas for work. This would have been a fun car to rebuild, but I didn't have the resources to do it at the time, and it was falling apart faster then I could keep it together. I traded it in for my first Toyota and 4x4 truck.

More on this car here

1985 Honda Civic Wagon

It doesn't look like much, but it was reliable, fuel efficient, long lasting, and cost effective. The wheels were off a '95 civic, and I had a rocking stereo system in it that I eventually fried. Over all I hated the car, and I sold it for $1k.


1982 Dodge Colt

This one got totaled. I bought it from my sister for $500 before she left on an LDS mission, and then I got $900 from the insurance company of the guy who totaled it after running a stop sign. I used the money for school, and my dad gave me the Civic Wagon above.

1985 Chevy S-10

My first vehicle which I resurrected after my dad drove it into the ground. I took high school auto-shop classes which I used to work on the truck. It was probably the least reliable vehicle I've had, and I sold that one for $800 just before I bought my sisters Colt.