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10 Rules For Success in Business

  1. Behavior
    1. Live A Prosperous Life
  2. Use Your Strengths
    1. Delegate everything else
  3. Work
    1. Nobody else is going to do it for you
  4. Prioritize
    1. God
    2. Family
    3. Career
    4. Personal Time
  5. Execute
    1. Having ideas is great, visualization is great too, but if you don't something about it, it will never happen.
  6. Tell your story
    1. People connect better with you when they know your story
  7. Serve
    1. Truly care about and serving your customers and/or followers
    2. Give them something of value
  8. Do what matters
    1. There are so many distractions, especially for entrepreneurs, but you can do it all.
    2. Some things are good, some things are better, but doing what's best will get you the farthest.
  9. No Excuses
    1. Making excuses is just another way of giving up.
  10. There are no overnight successes.
    1. While something may appear to have come up suddenly out of nowhere, there are always a long line of events that lead up to it.
    2. Be patient with yourself and keep moving forward.

Getting Sponsors

This is about helping to connect a company to people who will buy their products.

Create a Sponsor Proposal:

  1. Be clear about your demographics
    • What audience will you create for them?
  2. Make your proposal great and professional looking (Follow Industry Standards).
    • Description of what you do or who you are (writer, YouTuber, blogger, Speaker, etc.)
    • Goals for your sponsors (what you will do for them).
      • Educate people about their products
      • Expose them to potential buyers
      • Increase Brand awareness & Loyalty
      • Drive Traffic to Their web-site
      • Help them get sales
      • Ultimately how will you help their bottom line
    • Storytelling (reads like a novel)
      • A human story to make an emotional connection
      • Write a short novel about your story
      • show your humanity.
      • Tell them your struggles
      • Tell them what you are working on.
    • Sponsor benefit ideas
      • Award Presentation at an event with speaking opportunity
      • Signage and promotion
      • Speaking opportunities at your event
      • Introduce them to your followers: at events, on your web-site, social media, e-mail, video, etc.
      • Cuponing
      • Sampling their products for them
      • Exposure
      • on-site sales
      • Branding to target audience
    • Sponsor Levels and Fees
      • Offer different options
      • Don't low-ball yourself; big company's won't think your serious if you don't ask for at least $10,000 or more.
      • Mention Annually renewable - create expectation that this can be an on-going deal.
      • Bundle together everything you will do for them for the year into a single annual package.
      • Offer 3 or four levels of sponsorship, from 10K to 100K, or more if it's a big offering.
  3. Have clear deliverables
    • make sure there are no questions on what you will provide for them.
  4. Yearly Sponsor Reports
    • Show them what you have done for them.
    • Show how it was beneficial to them.
  5. Marketing and Promotion
    • Tell them how you will market them or their products.
      • YouTube Videos
      • Events
      • Blog posts.
      • Social Media
      • Etc.
  6. Make a list of potential Sponsor.
    • Make sure they fit your demographic.
    • Get at least a lit of 10 companies to reach out to.
    • Research them thoroughly so you know what they are truly about.
  7. Send proposal to the right person at the company.
    • Marketing director or VP.
    • Promotions department
    • Media/Press department

Streamline Your Business

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