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I owned this car from Oct 2000 til May 2003, and put about 46,000 miles on it
before trading it in for my '97 Tacoma 4x4.

The fallowing are a list of modifications I did to the car in the order that I did them, or at least as best as I can remember. Some are listed earlier because that's when I started on them, but were latter upgraded or added to. Many of these modifications take a great amount of skill and understanding, thus I suggest that you do not do them unless you fully understand how to do it, and also agree that you will not hold me responsible for any damage you cause. You cannot responsibly hold anyone responsable for misuse or miss-understanding of any information they provide you, and thus I give no warranty nor claim nor accept any responsibility for the use or misuses of information provided in the fallowing links. If your sick of seeing these kinds of disclaimers, I suggest you make sure to vote out any judges that would allow someone to win such ridiculous and frivolous law suites. We also need to makes sure we elect men of good integrity that will not put such judges in power, and who will not write laws allowing for such things.

Front Grill - I did this the first night I bought the car because I had heard about problems with peoples A/C condensers getting road debris in them

Mud flaps - Just the stock ones from Toyota's line of accessories.

Alarm system - Keyless entry and Security.

Stereo Modifications - The stock system is good, but a few tweaks makes it that much better.

Painted Calipers - This just looks cool with the 16" alloy wheels.

Shifter - Stock shifter in the car has something to be desired, but it can be made better

Tinted Windows - The Darkest Allowed by law in Utah - a dark car just looks wrong without tint.

Custom Interior - Just something for a mildly custom look

Intake and Exhaust - This car performs much better when you open it up a bit.

Strut Bars - The cars body likes to twist, but these sure fixed that, and it nowcorners better then any car I had ever driven.

Two-Tone Hood - Some more custom look stuff - I really want to replace this with a C-one style hood.

Eye Lids - Front End - The stock head lights are kind of funny looking, but these really helped.

Rear Window Decal - Just showing my Patriotism

RPM Switch for a Custom Shift Light - Something to help me when racing, and possibly to help avoid miss-shifts (not that I've had problems with that)

Lighting Modifications - I like the Auto Lights, and DRL, but what if I'm at a drive in, and need to turn them off? I've also done some custom blinker and fog light modifications.

ACT +30% Clutch & Quaife LSD - This really helped my 60 foot times at the track.

Tightened the throttle a bit - Give a better feel on the accelerator.

High performance front motor mount - Helps greatly with engine twisting that causes torque loss. You can get one from a guy on newcelica.org

If I hadden't traided it in, I would have eventually done the fallowing:

  • 180-degree thermostat - I've noticed, the car performs much better when the engine isn't quit warmed up all the way. 180 degrees should still be warm enough for full operation. I think stock is either 200 or 220 degrees.
  • Heat rap for the intake will help with heat, as well as smooth out the vibrations in the intake which should help smoth out the torque curv and possibly take a couple of tenths off 1/4 times.
  • C-one also makes a set of close ratio gears but I don't like thier 1st & 2nd gear ratios (there too high), and 6th is as low as 5th so freeway gas milage would be lower by 2-6 mpg (depending on driving habbits), but oversized wheels would help with that.
  • 17" light weight wheels & 215or225/17/40or35 high performance tires (225/45/17's with C-one gears) - I like the 17x7 ASA LS5 wheels and Sumitomo HTR+ tires (stock wheels are 16x6.5 and 18lbs. bolt pattern is 5X100, stock offset is 39mm, but with 17x7's I'll probably want a 35mm offset).
  • C-one hood scoop - Mostly for looks but some to help grab extra air to hopefully help keep the engine cool.
  • An Oil cooler would probably help too, espeically with forced Induction
  • Supper Charger or Turbo - I really like the Blitz one, as it's a reliable and complete kit. XS Engeneering has a nice turbo too, but there both very expensive

Here's Some Other Interesting Information

How to replace the Cabin Filter

How to strip down the rear cargo area

Engine Bay - December 2001

Rear Hatch Area - Decenber 2001

Some Maintenance I did in summer of 2002

Movie of a race durring May 2002

Service Manuals and Documents

Sponsors: (Large pic of Front End)

BBSC.NET addit2yourtoy.com newcelica.org XTR Motor Sports (Orem UT) Olympia Wireless (Sandy, UT)

My Best Overall Run for the 2001 Season - Done at the regional event in Las Vegas

My Best run in Utah before the above Vegas run was a 15.95, but after I added the LSD, clutch, and the motormount, I did a 15.73 run. When ajusting for altitude, I would have been close to 15.0 in Vegas, and into the 14's at sea level.

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