What's this?My wife Likes my simleI looked out the window and what did I seeThat's just more of the same windowTwo Rules of Driving: Always wear your seat belt, and drive a fast, but relatively fuel-efficient and reliable vehicle.Front Windowroofmore roofhumm leatherLuke, come to the dark side of the carYou have a thing for ears don't you?Nothing interesting hereDoorI like sun glassesHey, that's my hairI have a big forheadIt's just my faceLIke my jacket?

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The biggest thing I don’t like about politics is that we tend to forget that what’s good for one area isn't always good for another, and yet we tend to lump everything together under an ever growing Federal tyranny, I mean Government, that's trying to be all things to all poeple all the time; which just ends up being way too expensive.

This page is best viewed with your eyes open. Made with my own ingenuity and creativity. All rights are set forth in The Constitution of the United States of America, and should be upheld to the betterment and freedom of the people, and protected every day by the individuals such freedoms are given to; otherwise, the sacrifices of millions of lives to uphold such rights will have been in vain. For a further explanation of these rights please educate yourself at one of the many great schools across the country that offer such education, or by personal study at one of your local and free libraries made possible by supporting our local governments. Freedom isn't free, and neither is the Internet; however, the benefits of such freedoms can be immeasurable and further impacting then we sometimes realize. If you're still reading this I congratulate you on your perseverance and pursuance of my opinions and thoughts, and for putting up with my bad spelling. If you really want to E-mail me, you'll have to find my secret link on this page. Thanks.

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