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Welcome to my web-site where I share all my adventures in life. I have lots of things to share here including: my FJ Cruiser Adventures; Adventures with my kids; Blogs and Vlogs; and other miscellaneous things. I also write trail reviews for trailsoffroad.com.

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If you want to join me on an adventure, I can also provide guided tours of many of the places you’ll see depicted on this site; including locations that can only be reach in a four-wheel drive vehicle. Be sure to follow me, and send me a message on what ever social media platform is your favorite. You’ll find them linked to at the bottom of my web-site.

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Historic Jerome Arizona to Ranches of Perkinsville

Along this route you’ll can get to see amazing distant views of the Mogollon Rim, the striking reds of Red Rock Country, and the rolling desert hills just east of Chino Valley. You also get to drive along side the Woodchute Mountain Wilderness Area on the southern portion of this trail. For more details check …

Fountain Park Independence Day July 4th

The family and I spent the day at the world famous Fountain Hills Fountain in Fountain Park for the Independence Day Fireworks Show. We have had a lot of fun at this park as it’s full of great activities and beautiful things to see. It has statues, a frisbee/disk golf course, and even a splash …

Who’s Spaldäm?


I originally created the name Spaldam in a High School English class in 1993 when the topic of the day was “coining words”. I have since been using it as a nickname and on-line alias.


Spaldam.com is my personal web-site where I share my adventures in life. These include: going off-road,  writing for Trailsoffroad.com ; Playing Games with my three kids; and the occasional boring technical information. If you’re interested in political or religious content, I have a separate blog for that too.

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